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Why you should read ´SIS` ?


Perhaps there is no reason but look - it is a gift.The story tells about a radiant star.

Dear x-company (sis) is all beta and still in progress



Some words about some changing characteristics.

Without dreams -

Without dreams the whole life would not be so funny.

I am who i am.



Learn to breathe.

Learn to eat.

Learn to write.

Learn to survive.

Learn to give.


Beyond the borders.

There is a narrow path.

When we all jump together

- perhaps -

the ground will increase.

A step closer to the sky ...


An short essay about the searching:

Once, a king ruled. There are some legends in his kingdom. I would like to tell you about the oldest. The history itselfs tells about the treasure of treasures - high up on the mountain. So high that no eye can see its end from the valley. All expeditions to climb him - failed. Too steep, too big, too cold. Even the king's son was lost forever. The few reported, eject with their last febrile death rattle something from the end: The summit encircled in fog, it lies far above the clouds. Higher than even an eagle can rise. The initial situation - hopeless ! But they also brought something back from this journey. Something the treasure could not give them.


the end


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